Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Photograph

Since I have been so focused on editing the Clowes exhibit I haven't delved back into work that I've done over the last year. So, when time allows I'll post some work from the recent past.

That being said, from the past couple of weeks I have a little new work. Here is a photograph from just northeast of downtown Indianapolis. As per popular request, I am titling this photograph "2-B."

As always, click on the photograph to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dan Grossman, art writer and critic of Nuvo, has written a review of the Clowes Hall Grand Lobby exhibit, "New Work: Photographs by Ron Kern.

Here's an excerpt: ...you see a statue with trees and the sky in the background. But the sky itself seems to bleed into the foreground statue. This photograph seems to have an unexpected quality of depth -- beyond the mere surface of things. Check out the rest of Dan's review here. Click here to view the entire exhibit online.

It sure great to see so many photography exhibits in Indianapolis. Heart be still, now through March 21, 2010, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, in the Golden Gallery, has an exhibition of photography - "Paired Photographs." IMA has an excellent collection of photography and it's about time that it is starting to see the light of day. There have been many changes since Maxwell Anderson took the reins at IMA. He has some critics but all of the changes I've seen are positive. Since his arrival, we are already seeing the second significant exhibition of photography. The first was the amazing set of prints from Robert Frank's "The Americans" in conjunction with Kerouak's "On the Road" manuscript. Maxwell and his staff have been sensitive to the needs of the musem going public by revising the food service. I'm starting to go way off on a tangent here. On another day, maybe I'll post more about IMA.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's been a while since I've made a post here so I thought I'd put up and photograph that I really like - the "skyline" of Indianapolis taken out of an upstairs window of a building east of downtown - made with the Holga.

I'll be making a post or two about our reception, the invasion of the relatives and the Neko Case concert as I get a little more time. The exhibition at Clowes is going very well. James Cramer has made everything incredible and has handled our consternations (is that a word?) in the nicest possible manner.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photography Archive

I have started a blog that I am going to use to present my archive. Going through old negatives I realized that I should digitize many of my old photographs. There are many negatives that were never printed and this is a chance to play catch up. From time to time I will lump a group into an online gallery. All photographs are from prior to 2000

As always, I welcome comments and discussion about the pictures.

Ron Kern Photography Archive

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Clowes Hall Grand Lobby Portfolio

I have posted an online gallery of the Clowes Hall Grand Lobby exhibit. More about that and an announcement later.

Happy Fourth of July.

First Friday, July 3, 2009

We attended the First Friday opening of "Black and White" at the Dean Johnson gallery last evening. The gallery was filled with photography, black and white photography, of course. Two of the exhibitors are good friends of ours, Dale Bernstein of McCordsville and Andrew Johnston of Greenwood. In the past, I've written about Dale here on the blog. Dale is exhibiting three pieces from his wet plate work - work that always blows me away. Andrew is an excellent young photographer that is working very hard and is succeeding in developing his art and craft. Andrew is exhibiting four pieces, one of which I witnessed at the click of the shutter. Congratulations to them both. Their work, IMHO, is the class of the exhibit.

We also attended the final First Friday opening at the Ruschman Gallery. Mark Ruschman, one of the most respected gallery owners, and a leader of the arts community, in Indianapolis will be closing his gallery at the end of July. Here's an article from Nuvo where Mark gives an "exit interview." And, you can view the Farewell Exhibition here.

We ended the evening with a wonderful dinner at Amici's. Accompanied by our friends Robert, Steve, Naomi and Linda, we enjoyed the best Italian food and wine in Indianapolis. Special thanks to our host Robert.