Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two New Projects And Their Inspiration

Currently I have seven projects that are all good ideas and need to be pursued.  Over this last week a couple of events crystallized the direction that I have chosen - I am going to concentrate on two projects.

The first one is a continuation of a new direction that I am very excited about.  The second project is an expansion of a past inspiration and direction - I will be pulling out an old camera and putting it back in service.

The inspiration for these two projects come from different paths.  The first project is inspired by the discovery of an interior element within an existing photograph and my ongoing study of light and how it reacts within simple forms.

The second project is inspired by my nephew's extraordinary poetry and Matt LaFary's and Angi Skaggs' exploration of various vintage film cameras.  The result of this project will be a collection of small intimate prints.

The Harrison Center for the Arts! exhibit from my archive, Indiana Small Towns Project, will be coming down this next Monday.  It was a privilege to exhibit at the Harrison Center and everybody there was and big help and more than a pleasure to work with.  Big and Huge thanks to Kyle Ragsdale for showing this work.  The Harrison Center show has spurred me on to dig through my archive to find all of the project's photographs.  Work is ongoing for an exhibit of the expanded collection.


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