Monday, March 14, 2011

Pete Brown at Kellar Mahaney

Pete Brown at Kellar Mahaney
During the month of March The Kellar Mahaney Gallery in Zionsville is exhibiting Pete Brown's stencil and aerosol based art.  Full disclosure, Pete is a friend of mine and is a fellow artist represented by Lolly Mahaney.  And, I am by no means an art critic.  I like Pete's work so I thought I'd post about it.

It's terrific to see art shown in Zionsville that is somewhat out of the norm.  Pete puts his own unique stamp on pop cultural icons and subjects as diverse as oompa loompas and exotic wildlife.

I especially like the pieces in the show that are on wood.  There's something about how the paint works into and around the wood's grain that makes the work feel organic.

Never Shoulda Left
My favorite work in the exhibit is Never Shoulda Left which shows Barney Fife in a place a lot less friendly than Mayberry.  He has blood on his uniform's pants and hopefully has more than one bullet for his revolver that he's holding in his hands.  The wood grain makes for an ominous sky.  Hand drawing by Pete and a piece of (real) police caution tape across the bottom complete this piece.

Check out the exhibit.  Kellar Mahaney is easy to find; it is directly north of the Friendly Tavern.

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