Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Instant Love" at Mad Art Gallery, Dublin, Ireland and Prism Magazine

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As I've posted here in the recent past I have three photographs in an international Polaroid exhibition, "Impossible Love," curated by Karol Liver.

Mad Art Gallery in Dublin, Ireland is hosting this exhibition with support from the Impossible Project.

Because of the success of the exhibition's opening and the interest that it has created, it was immediately extended one week!  The photographs and the live video feed showed that there was a big and enthusiastic crowd at the opening.  (I have just found out that the exhibition has been extended yet again to February 2, 2012!)

Karol Liver also is the editor of the incredible online magazine of fine art photography, Prism.  He has created a Special Edition of Prism in coordination with "Impossible Love" exhibition.

This beautifully designed magazine gathers together all of the exhibited photographers' (plus three additional) thoughts and work into one place.  The resulting presentation is impressive.

The quality of the photography shines through.  The fact that photographers from many different countries are included results in a collection that is multidimensional, original and fresh.

I feel very fortunate to be included in this exhibition along with all of these incredible photographers.  Without extra effort from Karol Liver rescuing my photographs from Customs I would not have had this opportunity to have my work on the wall at Mad Art Gallery.  Big and Huge thanks to him.

Please take the time to view the Special Edition of Prism and experience the excellent work from photographers all over the world that utilize various Polaroid processes to create their art.

I strongly suggest that you view the work in full screen mode where you can easily page through the work.

Here's a direct link to the "Impossible Love" Special Edition of Prism Magazine.  (Please realize that there is nudity in some of the artist's work.)

These are the photographs that are exhibited (click on the photographs to enlarge):
Kewanna, IN

Michigan City, IN

Noblesville, IN

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